Anthropology & Mimetic Realism C3 2018

Understanding the origin of culture according to mimetic realism. Deconstructing origin myths and rituals to understand the function of sacrifice and the birth of the gods.

Peering into our prehistoric past, attempting to understand the problems our ancestors faced and how they went about solving them, is obviously a very complicated task. Significantly, human sacrifice seems to be a universal phenomenon and the first sign of a new civilization. Archaeological evidence shows that most of these early communities were religious or at least ritualistic. Some form of sacrificial system was at the heart of primitive communities. Why?

In this course we will trace the processes of desire from its personal mimetic origins to its social implications. Mimetic realism contemplates the very origins of human civilizations. Twisted desire gives birth to conflict. Conflicts within communities often lead to the single victim mechanism. These ancient origins of the practice of sacrifice are the beginning of ritual and religion, which in turn is the foundation for some of the first civilizations. However, being actors within this cycle of violence means that humans have been mostly blind to the processes that formed and sustained our societies.