Mimetic Theology

A one year program drawing from cutting edge research in psychology, anthropology, philosophy and theology, consisting of six courses. Learn more about each course below or find out more about the program and register here.

Desire and Mimesis

Exploring the unconscious movements that form our sense of ‘self’. Discovering the mechanism of desire, both positive and negative.

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as Conversation

How to critically read the scriptures, exploring the contexts in which they were written and consequently, how they relate to other myths.

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Symbolism of Evil

The structure of evil is exposed and the development of its symbolism laid bare. Moving beyond mythical and abstract descriptions of evil.

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Idols and Icons

God and concepts of God are not the same. Here we follow the development of our ideas about God.

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Jesus Christ

What makes Jesus Christ uniquely significant in history, relevant in our present world and a living hope for the future of humanity.

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Mimetic Atonement

Atonement takes on a whole new meaning when sin, evil, God and the nature of man have been re-evaluated in the context of Mimesis.

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Artwork Credit to Troy Terpstra – http://www.troyterpstra.com