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MT Program

The Content

A one-year program drawing from cutting-edge research in theology, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy, consisting of six courses.

Many of the students who have completed this program, describe the experience as an intellectual conversion. Others speak of transformation. (See testimonials here) What these comments reveal is that the outcome of this program aims to be more than simply confirming what you already believe. Rather, its aim is to unveil reality in a fresh way and enable individuals to re-orientate themselves around these new realities. As such it provides tools to re-interpret history, self, society and scriptures. This process of re-interpretation, helps us construct a new story in which to find ourselves anew. We trust that it will also open new possibilities for how your story might still unfold.

Two primary sources are used throughout the course: the Scriptures and Rene Girard’s Mimetic Realism.

The scriptures are obviously concerned with the origin and nature of humanity, how we relate to one another and to God. Similarly, Mimetic Realism is concerned with the origin of human culture, and no other theory has had a greater influence on our modern understanding of these subjects. Our understanding of both Scripture and Mimetic Realism can be greatly enhanced by bringing these two sources together.

Girard’s thoughts have influenced many branches of science including anthropology, theology, psychology, mythology, sociology, literary criticism, economics, cultural studies, and philosophy. In each of these areas there is a growing body of literature that builds on the work of Girard. The fact that so many branches of science have seriously engaged with Girard’s mimetic theory is testimony to its broad power of explanation.

But there is also a hidden third source that brings the first two to life – it is the conversations of the participants. The questions, perspectives and uniquely individual voice of each student are what transform these ideas from abstract theories into life-giving conversation.

Each of the courses adds a specific focus and builds on the course that came before it.

The program will explore some of the most relevant questions today, critically deconstructing popular answers and boldly reconstructing a whole new context in which to think.

As an online program it allows students to plan their own schedules (3 hours per week minimum) yet being part of a class means that you can engage with other students regularly, exchanging and developing ideas. There are weekly writing assignments.

Only 100 spaces are available. After the program completion, we plan to organize a week-long event for students just to meet, converse and have fun.

How it works

  • Each week a new lesson is made available. A written lesson is often accompanied by an audio and/or a video (approximately 30min each). To read through the lesson and watch the video will take about an hour.
  • One of the most important goals of the course is to help students develop their own unique voice. That means that lessons are not designed to cram you full of information, but rather to draw your unique understanding out. This is facilitated by a weekly written assignment of 300 – 500 words. It is by far one of the most beneficial disciplines. (Time:15 – 45 min)
  • The assignments are posted within the class for other students to engage with. Unlike social media where everyone can enter a conversation and steer it any direction, these conversations are within the class context. That means everyone has read and listened to the same material and answered the same questions in preparing their assignments. The engagements are therefore very focussed and insightful. (Many beautiful friendships have developed from these conversations in previous classes) We encourage students to spend at least 45 min/week interacting within these forums.
  • So to summarize the weekly commitment so far: 45 min to work through the lesson; 45 min to write the assignment; 45 min interacting in forums. That totals to just more than two hours per week.
  • The final commitment is reading a prescribed book per month. The books are NOT included in the course fees. The time spent depends on your reading speed. Here are some ideas to help increase your reading speed:


The year program, including all six courses, is available for $1260.

Couples Discount

For couples, there is an 80% discount available for the second partner to sign up. After signing up the first person, please email your username to for your discount coupon.

Group Discount

For groups of 5 or more please email Tell us about the group and what your expectations are. A 40% discount is available for groups.


Your desire to do the program is of the greatest importance … even more important than your financial ability. If you cannot afford the program at this stage but have the desire to do it, you can be considered for a scholarship. Learn more.


Registration opens in September and closes in November. Classes will begin January 2019. The Desire Found Me book should ideally be read before starting the class.

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