Dr. Michael Regier

Most of us need to be jarred loose from old ways of thinking about the Christian faith. While the word of God does not change we need to come to terms with how much human psychology gets wrapped up in the way that we read scripture. It has been fascinating for me to go through this course and see how much of what is written in scripture is copied from pagan myth. No matter how you slice it humans humanize their own relationship with God. We see this happen again and again through out the scriptures.
This course does a great job of deconstructing our humanized assumptions about the mission and message of Jesus. It cuts through the fear and shame based tenants of religious myths that keep us from the transformation that we all long for. It makes sense of the angry God of the Old Testament and redefines the power of the cross. It helps to free us from competitive strivings and shame.
I am grateful as a psychologist to finally find a theology that elevates God and mankind and does away with sacrifice!