If any of you want to experience a radical shift in your understanding of humanity, God and life then do this course.
I guarantee you , it will be a ride that you will at the end say phew and wow at the same time. It will RADICALLY change your life.

Nothing else available in this world of Christianity holds its weight in comparison and I mean NADA. If you get this insight, it will free you.

I would suggest that even non-Christians do it.  It is so eye-opening to societal issues.

If you can’t wait till the new year to start, I suggest getting Andre Rabe’s book Desire Found Me…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

What, for you, were the most significant aspects of the program?

The relationship between monotheism, Christ making a spectacle of personified evil.
Further understanding of Girard, mimesis, sacred violence and scapegoating.
Understanding myth, sacred rites in a clearer way.

Understanding literary methods and how and why they are used as in the example of Genesis.

Overall, a far clearer picture of the biblical subversion to sibling rivalry, scapegoating, mythic projection, personified evil.

Also, parallel studies with my degree have significantly accelerated some understanding.

Ability to enter into the biblical conversation without duress lol